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Emphasize something special about your interests, experiences, or profession.

Include a question or two in your profile which for those reading your profile which they can comfortably respond to.


(To make changes to an existing profile, you need to have time in your account. If you need to add time, please login and follow the instructions in your subscribe section. Then go to Edit Profile to update your multiple choice answers, written answers, or location.

1) Be specific when filling out your profile rather than writing general responses which are more difficult to relate to.

Consider the following answer to what kind of person you are:

"I have a good sense of humour, enjoy moonlit walks along the beach and fine dining."

Now consider the following, more appealing response:

"I really enjoy hiking up to a hill near my house, looking out over the city lights and would love to share the view with someone special. I LOVE amusement parks and there are quite a few within hours' drive from my place. I love the excitement and thrill of it all! Would love to have someone to join me and my son ;) We're all getting older but I'm young at heart :-)"

TIP: Add a question or two in your answers which others might be able to answer for you. This will offer others the chance they may be looking for to write you!

2) If you have interests or things you are passionate about, tell others about them!

People who have interests are viewed as interesting people!

If you really like gardening; if you like Big Cats like lions, tigers, hyenas, jaguars, etc; if you really enjoy cooking Thai cuisine or eating Ethiopian food; if you love the Maple Leafs or local Rugby team or going to your daughter's Little League games; include this in your profile and tell others why you enjoy it!! Mention what has shaped or changed your life. This will help paint a more accurate picture of yourself.

If your passion means that much to you, you will want your mate to at least support you and listen to you as you ramble on about it :-) Be careful however, not to ramble on too much on one topic. You do not want to appear one-dimensional: save something for your correspondence with others.

3) Smile when you are writing

When you smile and write, it shows! It tells others you are happy and well adjusted, and that you would be an excellent person to share one's life with. Who wants to meet someone who sounds like they just stubbed their toe?? Be aware of how you might appear to others.

If you were someone else reading your profile, would you want to correspond with you? Use your profile to display your sense of humour in a tasteful manner. Humour generates interest. Smiling and writing does not apply just to your written answers in your profile, but also in the letters you send out to others :-)

4) Be honest. Do not set yourself up for disaster.

Everyone wants to meet an honest person. Dishonesty is the number one reason relationships fall apart. It is extremely important that you portray yourself in an honest light prior to meeting someone face to face. If you spend too much time trying to be something you think others will be attracted to, it will eventually come back to haunt you and you will have hurt yourself and possibly others in so doing.

So, if you are an impulsive person, tell others you make quick decisions and sometimes not the best ones :-) Add that you seize the moment! If you have a tendency to take on too many tasks when things are going "well" in your life, include this information in your list of personal goals. This indicates that although you have faults, arrogance is not one of them and that you are aware of where you need help in your life. (Someone special might help to keep you on track!!)

Do not tell others every bad detail about yourself! Be positive in your profile, even about your faults. You want to show you are honest but you also want to show your confidence and your sense of humour in life. We all have our faults and those who dwell on their faults are not fun to be around at the best of times.

In short, dishonesty ruins relationships; honesty, mixed with joy, builds relationships which last.

5) Do not sit back and wait.

If you have not already done so create your profile. Do not procrastinate :-)

Once you have that new appealing profile created, the next thing you need to do is write to others! Login to your account, take the initiative and write to others! The best way to get mail from others is to send mail yourself.

Everyone on the Cafe is waiting to receive mail, so overcome your shyness and send off some letters! Your profile still has to get some attention from the people you want to meet so get the ball rolling and write to anyone who interests you!

TIP: When you write others, be sure to read their profiles so that your letters to them are more personalized. Ask a question or two about them which they can answer for you. This will increase the number of replies you receive :-) Also, include a few extra details which your profile does not mention. This shows you have depth.

Be as active as you can on the Cafe. Login to your account as often as you can and respond to any mail you have received. Those who are online more often, are involved in letter writing, sending Instant Messages, and join in on the Chat room discussions consistently report making more friends in the Cafe and even meeting that special someone :-)

Start creating your profile!

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