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When writing to another member ask a question or two based on their profile which they can comfortably respond to.

Emphasize something special about your interests, experiences, or profession.

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Cafe staff want you to have a great experience here and find what you're looking for. Here's how:

Create a Great Profile

Write an Interesting Profile: Your profile offers a glimpse of the person you are; different from any other. It lets others know what's special about you, what's important to you, what you enjoy and what you're searching for. The short answer section of your profile is where you can really express yourself and show other singles who you really are. Take advantage of this space to write detailed and interesting responses to the questions provided. Please read our list of tips on writing a more appealing profile.

Post a Photo: More people will view your profile if you post your photo. In fact, profiles with photos are viewed 10 times more than those without. Try and pick photos you feel are flattering, in which you are smiling, looking both confident and happy. Show one where you are doing something you enjoy. People who are self-confident tend to be regarded as more attractive than those who are insecure about their looks. And, as a free gift from us to you, post a photo and receive 7 extra days on JewishCafe.com. (first time photo only)

Interact With Others

Write Lots of Mail: There are thousands of members on JewishCafe.com. The best way to get others to notice you is to send mail to those you're interested in getting to know. Show interest in something you read about them on their profile. Some members receive a lot of mail, so it's worth the time to make your message stand out!

Introduce Yourself to New Members: View the new members list each day and be the first to introduce yourself. New members are eager to receive mail and will likely be equally eager to respond to mail they've received. On that note, create one or more saved searches with criteria that you are looking for in a match and set them to have new member matches emailed to you.

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