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We've created this online help page to assist you in using the Cafe. Please read through the information we've provided below before contacting us. This will dramatically increase your chances of accessing your account quickly. If you still need to contact us, an email address is located at the bottom of this page.

Here are some common problems you might have in accessing your account. Please follow the appropriate action for your question or problem:

1) Haven't received your password. If you need your password, please try our password request form. We'll send the username and password to the email address you created your profile with, assuming your account has not been deleted or is not in our archives. Please ensure that any JUNK mail filters are not preventing our email from reaching you.

>>>> Send me my password <<<<

Important: If you did not list the correct email address when you joined, please write to [email protected] and include your JewishCafe.com username, your zip/postal code, your birthday, your city and let us know the email address you originally listed with us.

2) You already have your username and password but can't access your account.

>>>> Login instructions <<<<

3) You were a member but it's been a while since you used your account. If you've already been a member of the Cafe before but can't access your account or don't remember your information please

>>>>write to [email protected] and please include your JewishCafe.com username and the email address you initially used to sign up.<<<<

4) You referred a friend but have not yet been credited. Please ensure that your friend has actually used his/her account. We will credit your account the day AFTER your friend uses the account and we will send you a notice confirming such. If you have waited a day and still have not received credit please write to [email protected] and please include your username and the username or email address of the person you referred (if you know it).

5) Looking for information about JewishCafe.com or our pricing? Please see:

If we still have not answered your question...

If your problem has not been answered and you still have trouble accessing your account please write to [email protected] and JewishCafe.com username, your zip/postal code, your birthday, your city. Please do not write to multiple email addresses. This only delays our response to you.

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